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1948 Bathers Team

 1948 BATHERS 

The year the Bathers won the Cotton State League Championship. 

Bathers Baseball Team

How They Started

The Hot Springs Bathers were known by many names, the Blues, the Vapors, the Vaporites. The interesting story, is how they established the team and why.

Jack Bales Detroit Tigers Catcher

Jack Bales Story

Jack Bales' story started with his father taking him to tryout camps. He was able to travel all over the United States by playing/managing baseball teams, including the time he was a catcher for the Detroit Tigers. This is his story.

Whittington Park

The Ballparks

Ban-Johnson Field, Jaycee Park, and Fogel Field these three ballparks tell the story of the Bathers. Each field held a different generation of baseball players including those in the major league.

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